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Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning is a gardening task that must be done correctly. Pruning is a very important part of your garden’s periodic maintenance and we are more than happy to take on this chore for you. The main mistake in pruning is doing it too much or too little. We have the years of experience to know when pruning should be done and when it is not needed.

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There is technique involved in the pruning process and by hiring us you can expect outstanding results:
  • We will provide this maintenance technique at the right times. Pruning is a part of your regular maintenance program and by hiring us your landscape will always look well-groomed.
  • We make sure that we prevent the problems before they start. Your shrub pruning is not performed to correct problems that have already occurred.
  • Remember, “It it’s outside, we can do it” so we don’t just prune your shrubs, we can handle tree pruning and other landscaping maintenance as well.

The types of pruning you may need to maintain a healthy lawn and garden:
  1. Pinching
  2. Thinning
  3. Shearing
  4. Heading Back
  5. Seasonal Pruning

Pinching - Pinching is a shrub pruning technique that will reduce the need for pruning at a later time. Pinching is the removal of newer green shoots from your shrubs or trees before they turn more hard and dense. Branches and shoots that are very long and strong will be cut back near the inside of the plant instead of just being trimmed on the outer layers of the shrub. By hiring us for this type of service, we ensure your satisfaction with the results.

Thinning - Thinning is the most subtle method of shrub pruning. When you hire us to perform thinning on your shrubs, branches are cut off at the point where they grow; on the sides of the branches; or branches that are level with the ground. By using this technique, we can get rid of a decent amount of unwanted growth without changing the shape too much.

Shearing – The process of shearing includes trimming the shoots on your shrubs and bushes with the use of hedge clippers. This method is used mostly when you want a line of hedges with a specific shape. With this method, the plant’s natural shape is altered and new growth that originates on the inside of the plant is generally inhibited. When hired, we will take care of this process carefully to make sure your hedges are in the shape that you prefer.

Heading back - When talking about shrub pruning, the term heading back refers to the removal of dead branches and shoots by trimming them back to a healthy part of the branch. This encourages your plant to grow below where it is cut, making the bush or shrub thicker. The branches can be cut either inward or outward in order to shape the plant to your desire.

Seasonal pruning – Plants like Roses, deciduous trees and many other shrubs require seasonal pruning to ensure that next years growth will be controlled and healthy. Our many years of experience will ensure that pruning is done at the proper time during their growing cycle.

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