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Landscaping Construction

Landscaping construction is an expression that encompasses many separate tasks. When you hire us for a project we can create a complete outdoor atmosphere that consists of lawns, flower and shrub beds, walkways, walls fences, decks, arbors and sprinkler systems. We enjoy much less involved fixes and upgrades as well. Our catch phrase is, “If it’s outside, we can do it” for good reason. Our knowledge in all phases of landscaping a yard allows us to build a vista that accentuates your home for many, many years.

How will landscaping construction make your home more eye-catching? At the time you employ our company for your project we will show you:
• We will build functional open air living areas to enhance the condition of your home and spare time. We put in the extra time to ensure that any and all of the hardscaping –water features, walks, patios – on your property runs perfectly into other structures of the landscaping.
• Landscaping construction shouldn’t need to be a frightening chore. Our company’s artistic knack is just what you have to have to focus your dreams into a reality.
• We constantly make sure to use the highest grade supplies and the most recent technology when arranging any landscaping or construction project. We also take care to stay current for any recent developments in the industry.

Landscaping Design

There are five essential essentials to a great landscaping design:
1. Color - A landscaping design facility with any experience will judge coloration to be very vital in the overall organization of your landscaping. Enchanted Gardens Landscaping makes sure that it doesn’t matter if you need a whole bunch or just a little bit, we will make use of colors to make over a good landscaping job into an awesome one. Efficient use of core and lesser colors, mixed in with in-between pigments will make a small area seem bigger and draw awareness to specific spots of the yard.

2. Texture – A further important characteristic of our landscaping design service is incorporating distinct qualities into the landscaping strategy. The combination of shiny and nonglossy foliage of assorted plants and large flowers versus small blooms on flowers can improve intricacy and personality to your flower beds and garden. When you hire our landscaping design service, we will allow our imagination to flow and make sure that you accept the selections we make.

3. Scale – Scale expresses the countless scales of the bushes and flowers in your landscaping. Our landscaping design service will guarantee that the heights and widths of the items we choose will round out the architecture of your home.

4. Form – Enchanted Garden Landscaping’s landscaping design service will also evaluate the outlines and composition of likely choices for your landscaping. Distinctive kins of shrubs can fluctuate from orb-like to dangling, and from column-shaped to low down and sprawling. We have to consider how the shapes of different bushes, trees and flowers should help attract the eye to certain pieces of the whole scheme. By using opposing types and styles we can build a beautiful masterpiece that will make your property seem like it came right out of a magazine.

5. Line –In regards to landscaping design, line implies a person’s eye movement up and down, and back and forth when looking at your landscaping. Our landscaping experts will create a proposal for your property that intuitively brings the viewer’s eyes to certain groups of bushes or to a chosen piece of the design. The finished result can get your neighbors stop and take notice.

Types of irrigation systems:

Drip systems -Drip systems are a great landscaping irrigation solution for flower and vegetable gardens. Drip systems can vary between super simple in design to quite complicated. A minimal drip system may contain some pipe with really little holes that is set up directly above the garden and allows water to drip gradually. More intricate systems consist of filters, regulators and flow controllers in order to deliver water to shrub beds and pots. When you bring us in to upgrade an sprinkling system, we will let you know the ideal drip system essential to your garden.

Underground Systems – Underground systems, as a way of watering your plants and flowers, are the most costly kind of systems you can have, however they are definitely the most useful and maintenance free. One of our crew members will install all PVC pipes underground and then, sprinkler heads pop out of the ground and are set on timers to irrigate quadrants of a property and plants. When you bring in Enchanted Garden Landscaping, we can make sure you are aware of the benefits of this kind of system and establish whether or not an underground irrigation system seems right for your wants and your budget.

Overhead Spray Systems - Overhead spray systems consist of sprinkler heads affixed to stationary risers located in the shrubs and bushes. They can have spray heads or rotors that can cover large spaces requiring a reduced number of distribution pipes and heads.

Landscaping Lighting

Ask yourself this question, “Will outdoor lighting make any kind of a change?” The reply to this query is “Without question!” and we can demonstrate why:

Placing landscaping lighting purposefully in your yard will subtly draw your eye to areas of your landscaping that are designed to catch the eye. We take individual care to guarantee this is done in a way that is pleasing to you and your budget.

Parts of your property could warrant a large spotlight and that is precisely what we can have. A more bold lighting choice will draw awareness to the focal point of your property.

A clever use of outdoor lighting will bind different parts of your yard into one, making the overall effect one you can enjoy and be delighted with. We strive for our clientele to be happy with the overall picture.