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Lawn Irrigation

Lawn irrigation is very important in maintaining a healthy yard. Our skilled professionals can install a comprehensive irrigation system that can accommodate your budget and your needs. A properly irrigated lawn will look healthy and robust all year long. Let us care for yours!

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We provide hassle-free equipment and customer service to fit the irrigation needs of your yard and landscaping:
  • We are always happy to speak with you about the different irrigation systems we can provide for you. Remember – “It it’s outside, we can do it.”
  • We strive to provide seamless service. When you hire us for your lawn irrigation needs, we can provide a whole new system or adjust and repair your current system if it’s not working properly.
  • We always use state-of-the-art equipment and employ highly skilled crew members who will be there for you through the whole landscaping and/or irrigation process.

There are four major types of irrigation systems that we can utilize for your lawn:
  1. Anti-siphon systems
  2. Inline Systems
  3. Underground systems
  4. Overhead systems
Anti- siphon systems – Anti-siphon lawn irrigation systems are the most common type of system you may see in residential lawns. When you choose our company to install this system, maintenance and repair is an easier task due to the placement of valves above ground. Valves are installed where a supply line comes out of a structure, usually in a location that is not highly visible. The placement of these valves above-ground helps to protect the system from submersion as well.

Inline systems – When you choose our company to install an inline lawn irrigation system, the system’s valves are actually installed below the ground. They are carefully installed “in line” with the underground supply. The placement of underground valves allows us to install them anywhere on the property, even under existing landscape and flowerbeds. Inline systems can be controlled both electronically and manually, depending on the configuration and your preferences.

Underground systems – Most traditional lawn irrigation systems will be installed with the majority of components underground. This allows our trained staff to hide most of the mechanisms so as to not interrupt the flow of your landscaping. The proper use of irrigation systems will allow you to enjoy lush flora through all the seasons.

Overhead systems – In general, overhead lawn irrigation systems are rarely used. But, remember that by hiring our landscaping company we can provide solutions for your whole property, and not just your lawn. Overhead systems can be installed for greenhouses, or other beds and parts of your landscaping in which water coming from above makes sense.

Our landscaping company has been in business for more than 20 years and we strive to provide solutions to all of your irrigation needs. We can help design a plan for just your lawn, or we can construct a more complex system that maintains your lawn as well as all other aspects of your landscaping. Our staff members are always happy to provide a free consultation and estimate with regard to irrigation systems or any other type of landscaping service that we provide. Your satisfaction is very important to us!

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We provide lawn irrigation in Oakland CA, Alameda, Piedmont, Montclair, Berkeley, Orinda, and San Leandro.