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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a wonderful addition to your garden or yard. Proper lighting can make your landscaping look beautiful in the evening hours in addition to the daytime. We mean it when we say, “If it’s outside, we do it” and that includes showcasing your property by means of strategic lighting.

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You may ask yourself, “Will lighting make that much of a difference?” The answer to this question is “Absolutely!” and we will show you why:
  • Placing landscape lighting strategically throughout your yard can subtly draw the eye to the parts of your landscape that are designed to be eye-catching. We take special care to make sure this is done in a way that appeals to you and your budget.
  • Parts of your landscaping may deserve a big spotlight and that is exactly what we will provide. A more bold lighting choice can draw attention to the focal point of your landscaping.
  • A clever use of lighting can tie in different parts of your yard into one, making the overall result one you can enjoy and be proud of. We strive for our clients to be happy with the overall picture.

Types of lighting you can choose:
  1. Accent lighting
  2. Spotlight lighting
  3. Lanterns
  4. Tiered lighting
  5. Solar powered lighting

Accent lighting - Accent lights are an integral component of landscape lighting. Our knowledgeable staff members will look to see what parts of your yard should have attention drawn to them subtly. Accent lights usually shine widely to showcase a specific flowerbed or plant. We will place the lights in different distances from the showcased item to either create a soft glow or a brighter shine depending on your personal preferences.

Spotlights - Spotlights are exactly what they sound like. When looking over your project as a whole, you and our crew members can decide which parts of your landscape should be showcased. Perhaps it is a bold palm tree or it may be a small flowerbed. Choosing a spotlight will cast a bright light on what should be noticed the most. The great thing about using spotlights is that they can be very bright and can be helpful in lighting paths and walkways so that they can be navigated in the twilight or evening hours.

Lanterns - Lanterns look great when added to any landscape lighting scheme. They come in all types of styles from traditional to contemporary. You may opt to choose hanging lanterns that are attached to a pole or can be hung from awnings in front of the home. There are also ground lanterns that can draw attention to landscaping around your doorway. By choosing us to help with these lighting options, we will make sure that you are satisfied with the look and feel of the whole landscaping project.

Tiered lighting – Using tiered lighting is a great way to brighten up walkways that may run through your landscape. Tiered lights resemble little pagodas and generally shine downwards to light items near the ground. Remember, when you hire us to design your landscape lighting we can incorporate different types of lights that are functional and attractive as well.

Solar lighting – Due to rising energy costs, many homeowners may opt to employ solar lights for their landscape lighting needs. One advantage of this type of lighting is that there are no wires or cords to consider when deciding the placement of the lights. Solar lights will produce a warmer, softer effect than electric powered lighting and our company’s extensive knowledge will help you in deciding whether or not to use solar lights as a part of your project.

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