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Landscape Irrigation

Landscape irrigation is of utmost importance to keep your landscaping happy and healthy throughout the year. When you hire our company for your irrigation needs you can be sure that your lawn and plants will thrive throughout the different seasons and weather conditions you may encounter.

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Many homeowners spend their hard-earned money on a beautiful landscape, only to have their plants die due to improper maintenance. We can make sure that this does not happen:

  • Whether you have 1/10 of an acre or 10 acres, we can formulate a plan to ensure that your lawn and landscaping is watered regularly and stays healthy no matter the weather.
  • Our qualified landscapers will also ensure that your property receives evenly distributed irrigation so all areas of your lawn and garden are watered when it is needed.
  • “If it’s outside, we can do it” – meaning no matter how small or large your landscape irrigation job is, we will take great care in finding the best solutions for you.

Types of irrigation systems:
  1. Drip Systems
  2. Underground Systems
  3. Overhead Spray Systems

Drip systems -Drip systems are a great landscape irrigation solution for flower gardens and vegetable gardens. Drip systems can range from very simple in design to very complex. A simple system may consist of piping with very small holes that is installed above the garden and allows water to drip steadily. More complex systems include regulators, filters, and flow controls which can deliver water to scrub beds and containers. When you hire us to develop your irrigation system, we will let you know the best drip system needed for your garden.

Underground Systems – Underground systems as a means of landscape irrigation are the most costly type of systems you can use, but they are definitely the most useful and maintenance free. One of our crew members will install all piping underground and you will have sprinkler heads that pop up out of the ground and are set on timers to water areas of the yard and landscaping. When you hire our landscaping company, we will make sure you understand the benefits of this type of system and determine whether an underground system makes the most sense for your needs and your budget.

Overhead Spray Systems - Overhead spray systems consist of heads mounted on fixed risers located throughout the planting beds. They can use spray heads or rotors that can cover large areas requiring fewer supply lines and heads.

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