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Landscaping Construction

Landscaping construction is a word that incorporates several separate tasks. When you hire us for an assignment we can create a whole outdoor atmosphere including shrub and flower beds, walkways, decks, arbors, walls, fences, lawns and sprinkler systems. We like much less involved renovations and improvements as well. Our motto is, “If it’s outside, we can do it” for good reason. Our knowledge in all aspects of landscaping allows us to set up a panorama that accentuates your home for years to come.

Exactly how will landscaping construction make your home more eye-catching? When you employ Enchanted Gardens Landscaping for your project we will show you:
• We will build useful outside living spaces to improve the quality of your home and leisure time. We work hard to make certain that the hardscaping –walks, patios, water fixtures – on your property moves flawlessly into other features of the landscaping.
• Landscaping construction shouldn’t have to be a intimidating task. Our imaginative flair is just what you need to make your thoughts into a reality.
• We constantly ensure to use only top grade supplies and the newest technology when planning any landscaping or construction design. We also take care to keep informed on any recent advances in the business.

Landscaping Design

There are 5 essential essentials to a good landscaping design:
1. Color - A landscaping design service with any experience must consider color to be very vital in the overall look of your landscaping. Our company makes sure that if you require lots of color or just a little bit, we can use colors to convert a good landscaping job into an amazing one. Effective use of core and lesser colors, mixed in with in-between pigments will make a small place look grander and attract attention to certain areas of the property.

2. Texture – Another significant feature of our landscaping design service is building in diverse surfaces into the landscaping plan. The blend of reflective and muted greenery of assorted plants and large flowers as opposed to little blooms on flowers can create depth and character to your flower beds and garden. When you contract our landscaping design service, we will allow our creative juices to emerge and make sure that you approve of the selections we make.

3. Scale – Scale expresses the many sizes of the shrubs and flowers in your landscaping. Our landscaping design service will ensure that the heights and widths of the items we choose will complement the design of your home.

4. Form – Our landscaping design service can also analyze the profiles and makeup of potential varieties for your property. Distinctive kins of shrubs can vary from orb-like to dangling, and from column-shaped to low and extensive. We’ll take into account how the shapes of many shrubs, trees and flowers can help draw the viewer’s eye toward certain areas of the total scheme. By using different forms we can construct a beautiful masterpiece that will make your property look like it came right out of a magazine.

5. Line –In regards to landscaping design, line alludes to someone’s eye movement horizontally and vertically when looking at your landscaping. Our landscaping specialists will draw up a strategy for your property that instinctively draws the viewer’s eyes to certain groups of shrubs or to a desired aspect of the design project. The end effect will get your friends stop and take notice.

Types of irrigation systems:

Drip systems -Drip systems are a good landscaping irrigation solution for flower gardens and vegetable gardens. Drip systems can vary between especially modest in design to very complicated. An uncomplicated drip system may only be a length of plastic hose with really little holes that is installed directly above the garden and permits water to drip little by little. More compound methods contain regulators, filters, and flow controls which can transport water to flower beds and pots. When you contact us to upgrade your water delivery system, we will determine the best drip system required for your flower beds.

Underground Systems – Underground systems, as a means of delivering water to your plants and flowers, are the most expensive style of systems you can use, however they are unquestionably the most useful and maintenance free. One of our crew members will fit all pipes underground and then, sprinkler heads pop up out of the ground and are set on timers to water quadrants of your property and landscaping. When you hire our landscaping company, we will ensure that you appreciate the benefits of this style of watering system and establish whether or not an underground irrigation system makes the most sense for your needs and your budget.

Overhead Spray Systems - Overhead spray systems contain sprinkler heads affixed to fixed risers positioned throughout the planting beds. They can use spray heads or rotors that can handle large areas calling for a reduced number of supply pipelines and sprinkler heads.

Landscaping Lighting

Ask yourself this question, “Could low voltage, outdoor lighting make any kind of a transformation?” The answer to this question is “Absolutely!” and we can easily show you why:

Placing landscaping lighting purposefully throughout your front, or back yard will subtly pull one’s eye to the parts of your landscaping that are set up to be a focal point. We take special care to guarantee this is done in a way that appeals to you and your budget.

Some areas of your landscaping might warrant a large spotlight and that is precisely what we could have. A more bold lighting choice will pull interest to the focal point of your landscaping.

A shrewd use of outdoor lighting will bring together diverse parts of your back or front yard into one, making the whole effect one you can appreciate and be delighted with. We make every effort for our clientele to be contented with the whole picture.