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About Us

What We Do and Who We Are
We pride ourselves on providing the best and most comprehensive landscaping and maintenance services available. We design and install sprinklers and drip systems. We build fences, decks and retaining walls. We design stone patios, walkways and walls as well as lighting for your garden. We select and install shrubs and trees, seed and sod lawns, and will even supply outdoor furniture.

What’s more, our gardening service will do all mowing, blowing, pruning, hauling, fertilizing and pest control as part of our complete maintenance service. All you need to do is enjoy your garden. We do the rest.

Marty Gross, Owner and Landscape Supervisor

Marty attended St. Mary’s college in Moraga and completed classes in horticulture at Chabot College Hayward and Merritt College Oakland. After completing his college courses in 1975, he worked in the wholesale nursery industry, first as a salesman and then later as supervisor in charge of plant distribution for the states of California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. His job duties included checking that all plant material was healthy and sent to the proper climate zones so the plants would thrive.

Next he worked for a large commercial landscape-maintenance company. His duties included supervising all aspects of garden maintenance including pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, and pest control. While there he developed the system EGL uses for all his clients today. Day sheets are created for every client that includes a complete history of what was done is done each trip and any problems that were noticed. The sheet also includes a record of all fertilizers and pest control products that were applied to the site.

In 1992 Marty opened EGL and he continues to take classes to assure that all products and procedures used by the company are up to date. He loves to travel and photograph new designs and plant materials for use at EGL.

He has been conducting business in a small area in the east bay for over 30 years. His knowledge of plants, pests and climate in this area is unmatched. “I get up in the morning happy and excited to go to work. I love what I do.”

Our Team
Our crews are supplied with the latest and best-maintained equipment. Everyone is trained and supervised so they can achieve the best results for our clients. We have very little employee turnover because we pay an honest wage, provide medical coverage and promote a family atmosphere at work.

Most clients know the crew members by name. Everyone knows their job duties, and their honesty and loyalty are appreciated by our customers. We constantly hear our clients say “your workers are so nice and do such a great job”.